Successful SEO campaign focusing on important industry terms. Website design and development.
Publicasity banner
Publicasity are an internationally recognised PR Agency, specialising in the areas of fashion and travel. Halogen Digital have aided in their organic search marketing for over a decade, and together we have achieved very beneficial results despite significant market competition.
Publicasity Website
The Publicasity brand is founded upon the principle of "what you get out is what you put in". The proof is in the pudding; a third of the Publicasity team have been with the London PR company for five years or longer, the Board is home-grown, and they believe this is all credit to the agency’s driven yet down-to-earth and fun environment.
Publicasity Website
After almost a decade of running the highly successful SEO campaign, the company reached out to us in 2018 with a challenge. Their brand was due a refresh, and Halogen's task was to design and build their new website. With vibrant neons, bold headings, and all the modern flourishes, we are very proud of the end product.