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PPC Management

Paid Search, PPC, or Pay Per Click. Whichever term you prefer, PPC is now the fastest way to grow a highly engaged customer base online. Generate quality leads from day one with our expertly targeted ad campaigns.

Clicks Are Useless Without Conversions

Keyword Research

Just as with an SEO campaign, targeting the right keywords is critical to ensure spend isn’t being wasted. We use specialised techniques and research tools to keep your campaign relevant and your ROI high.

Competitor Analysis

PPC isn’t just about what you’re doing. We constantly analyse what is working for your competitors, and more critically which mistakes are costing them money. We can then apply these lessons to your campaign.

PPC Strategy

No two companies are exactly alike, therefore no two PPC campaigns should ever be the same. We make it our mission to know your business and industry inside out, meaning we deliver results from day one.

Adcopy Writing

Writing engaging adverts isn’t easy, so we’ll do it for you. We ensure that your ads are super focused, which means more traffic converts into paying customers. This results in you paying the lowest price possible per lead.

Ideas and Suggestions

We won’t leave it down to fate. Part of our larger process is to constantly push the envelope of what’s possible in your industry. If we think a new technique is worth testing, we’ll discuss it with you first. No nasty surprises!

Even More Optimisation

We never consider a campaign set in stone. Circumstances change and things evolve. We refine and refocus constantly to ensure we are pushing the boundaries of performance and maximising return on investment.

Not Just Google

Google Adwords isn’t the only player in town. Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck Go all have their own PPC advertising platforms, and we work with all of these and more. Their market share may be smaller, but each service boasts their own very important audience.

Paid Social

Paid Social represents a solid opportunity for those wanting to target the ever growing world of social media. From Facebook to Instagram, and Twitter to TikTok, all platforms offer their own audience and benefits. Alban Creative can help you navigate this landscape, and develop a successful campaign across multiple outlets.

Let's take this forward...

    We were debating how best to proceed with PPC for quite some time, and were always put off by the cost. Most of the agencies we approached had a pretty hefty minimum spend, which didn't really allow us to test the waters. We didn't want to do it ourselves, we simply don't have the time. But then we found Alban Creative. They enabled us to experiment with a more reasonable budget for the first few months. Now we know that the ROI is there...

    Sandy JalaliSilke Design