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Are You Secure? Chrome says no!

By 16th May 2017February 21st, 2024No Comments

We’ve spoken about SSL a little in the past, but if you still haven’t made the switch then this might be your final wake up call.

So what is SSL exactly? If you’re browsing the internet in 2017 (or later) you’re very likely using it 90% of the time. SSL (sometimes referred to as HTTPS) is the underlying technology which ensures your data ensures safe and secure, and out of the hands of bad guys. Google use it, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, and just about every other big site is making full use of the benefits. A growing number of smaller businesses have also been making the switch, and since 2015 every new site launched by Alban Creative has been SSL friendly from day one.

Google have been promising for quite a while that websites making use of enhanced security will reap the benefits, in terms of higher search rankings. These aren’t just empty threats, either; every site we have personally transitioned from HTTP to HTTPS has clearly exhibited a noticeable boost in both terms of SEO, and in customer trust and loyalty.

Chrome Not Secure WarningSo why is now such an important time to get on board? Well, in addition to these obvious benefits, users of the Google Chrome web browser – currently a whopping 75.1% of all internet users – are now being warned against using insecure sites. See example, right.

The next step for Google is to begin showing this directly on the search results page. It goes without saying this would be a very bad thing for anybody trying to make money from their website! Fewer clicks = fewer sales.

What’s more, the other major browsers are surely set to follow Google’s example in the coming months and years. Before too long, insecure websites will be left totally high and dry.

Fear not though, because enabling SSL on your current website is in most cases fairly trivial. If you’re using our hosting service, it’s enabled by default; all you have to do is ask us to “flip the switch” so to speak.

Not using our hosting? We can still help you get started with SSL and HTTPS with minimal fuss. So long as your provider supports this essential technology, a certificate can be purchased and installed in a matter of hours.