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SEO Benefits of a Unique IP Address?

By 10th February 2017February 21st, 2024No Comments

Generally speaking, in the past a unique IP address was seen as a positive quality signal by search engines; simply because hosting a on a dedicated service costs more than shared hosting, where many sites (1000+ in some cases) share a single IP. The reason for this is that there are a finite number of possible IP addresses, with the ever-expanding world of technology using more and more as time goes by.

A dedicated IP was at that time also a requisite for anyone wishing to use HTTPS / SSL on their website, which is an absolutely essential factor in post-2015 SEO. It has been stated officially a number of times that SSL gives a ranking boost. Whilst we suspected this was true for several years, it is now a confirmed fact. The issue has been debated before in the past, but at this point having a secure website is necessary; for your customers, and for the search engines. Whether you’re a small local outfit, or running a¬†massive¬†eCommerce site, there’s no greater time to secure your business.

It was often believed that search engines assumed that all sites on a single IP address were owned and operated by one person or business, and whilst we believe this is still the case to some degree, the once clear signs of this being negative a now far blurrier. Linking between sites on unique IP addresses could still potentially have a positive result, if they are seen as being operated by different organisations. Whilst we still don’t recommend this practise, there are some legitimate times when this may be of benefit.

Whatever your reason for using a unique IP address, the fact is that the benefits may no longer outweigh the additional costs associated with dedicated hosting. A larger organisation may see a bigger ROI than a smaller one.

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